Fighting Discouragement with Remembrance

 Sometimes, life is disappointing.  Lately, I learned that one of my high school friends just got divorced. Most of the children of a pastor influential in my childhood are hostile to the Lord. And if I lose my stainless-steel straw anytime in the next year, I might as well have been using plastic the whole time.  I aired

Five Reasons to Visit Your Friend’s Church

by Alison Freeman You’re on the treadmill doing some light cardio to finish off a Tuesday morning workout next to your believing gym-buddy Melissa. Chatting about plans for the weekend, Melissa comments, “Lent starts on Monday.”  “Lent?” you repeat, bemused.  “Yes, for the Orthodox, Lent starts on a Monday,” she says. “You’re probably used to … Continue reading Five Reasons to Visit Your Friend’s Church