WeaknessFinder: There’s More to Leadership Than Strengths

Earlier this week I led a team training on the StrengthsFinder assessment, a popular tool for discovering and naming personality strengths. The assessment is based on the work of Don Clifton, a psychologist whose ideas on leadership have proved so influential that they are now commonplace. Clifton argued that, instead of trying to shore up weaknesses, people should focus on working and leading from their strengths. There’s more than

Fighting Discouragement with Remembrance

 Sometimes, life is disappointing.  Lately, I learned that one of my high school friends just got divorced. Most of the children of a pastor influential in my childhood are hostile to the Lord. And if I lose my stainless-steel straw anytime in the next year, I might as well have been using plastic the whole time.  I aired

Christians in the Marketplace

When you think of the marketplace giants in the nineteenth century, few people loom as large as John D. Rockefeller. His company, Standard Oil, serves as the foundation of our modern anti-trust legislation, the set of laws that exist to prevent the creation of monopolies and regulate anti-competitive business behavior. And yet, for all his ruthlessness in business, Rockefeller also considered himself a devout Christian.

Eternal Mission: Why Our Greatest Work Awaits Us in the Life to Come

by Christopher Easley When I was a teenager, I read Mark Cahill’s One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. The title of the book refers to evangelism: In heaven, there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know Jesus to share the good news with. The time to change lives for eternity is now! Despite Cahill’s winsome … Continue reading Eternal Mission: Why Our Greatest Work Awaits Us in the Life to Come