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Forming Christians for Mission in Everyday Life

Our Mission

Only 26% of U.S. Christian workers strongly believe their work serves God or a higher purpose, according to Barna Group’s 2018 report Christians at Work. Mission Central aims to address this issue by forming Christians for mission in everyday life. Young leaders are especially vulnerable to separating faith and work, which can lead to spiritual immaturity and harm. Mission Central helps workers of all ages find God at work and supports emerging leaders in being spiritually healthy. Our vision is to form Christians for mission in everyday life, believing that encountering Christ leads to soul formation and mission to others, which can be integrated into daily life.

Our Values

Effective Leadership

Spiritual Formation

Emotional Health

Multi-Ethnic Community

We believe that strong leadership is essential for thriving followers in both the church and marketplace. Our inner life should reflect Christ’s character, and we strive to become more like Him over time. This involves practicing emotional self-awareness and seeking healing where needed. As Christian leaders, we must learn to connect people across racial, social, and cultural barriers, following Jesus’ example in building a multi-ethnic movement.

Meet Our Founder

Chris Easley

Founder and Team Leader

Chris, our Mission Central Founder and Team Leader, brings a wealth of experience to the table. He received his education from Wheaton College (B.A. Education, English) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M.A. Theological Studies), and currently attends City of Light Anglican Church in Aurora, Illinois. Chris has worked in various fields, including as a church administrator, college minister, and mortgage wonk, and now works at Northern Illinois Food Bank. He is also an author, with his book How to Be a Bad Christian sharing a bit of his story. When he’s not working, Chris enjoys reading time travel novels or cooking dinner with his wife Katie, a hospice nurse. As someone who understands the struggle of integrating faith into work, Chris founded Mission Central to help Christians develop spiritual practices that will equip them to live on mission in their everyday lives. As a coach and mentor, he comes alongside apprentices of Jesus to help them bridge the gap between Sunday Morning and Monday Morning.

Our Advisory Committee

Alfredo Cerrato

Senior Cultural and Workforce Development Officer, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison | Alfredo's career has spanned Christian community development, marketplace consulting, pastoral leadership, and the human resources side of healthcare across two continents. He brings a unique blend of intercultural wisdom, entrepreneurial experience, and organizational acumen to our Mission Central discussions.

Mark O'Halloran

CFO and Director of Economic Development, Together Chicago | Mark writes that he is "energized by the confluence of finance, engineering, process optimization, and social good." His insights on non-profit structures and his gift of encouragement help keep Mission Central on track.

What We Do

At Mission Central, we offer a variety of resources to help you integrate your faith and work. Our Blog features timely articles on topics such as effective leadership, spiritual growth, and emotional health. Tune in to our Podcast for conversations on holistic mission, healthy leadership, and spiritual formation with guests like Alexia Salvateierra and Bethany Allen. And if you’re looking for a more interactive experience, join us for our Faith at Work Course. This live workshop equips Jesus followers to live on mission in their workplace and can be attended in-person in Aurora, Illinois or brought to your church. Let us help you bring your faith into every aspect of your life.

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