Spiritual Formation Resources for Churches

Helping You Form Your People for the Workplace

The Need

Your people dedicate a significant portion, often more than half, of their waking hours to their work. However, bridging the gap between the Sunday experience and the workday can prove challenging.


In a research report by Barna Group in 2018, titled “Christians at Work,” it was revealed that only 26% of Christian workers in the United States strongly agree with the statement, “I can clearly see how the work that I am doing is serving God or a higher purpose.”


Even among Christians who attend church at least once a month and consider their faith important, this percentage rises to 40%. Nevertheless, this still means that over half of the individuals in the pews experience a sense of disconnect between their faith and their work.

How We Help

At Mission Central, we recognize the significance of connecting faith and work, and are committed to coming alongside the local church in equipping their people. That’s why we provide two valuable resources that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual church.

Interactive Seminars

We offer a variety of seminars that are engaging, interactive, and formative. Each can be adapted for your context: as a standalone weekend event, a Sunday school class, leaders’ training, or conference breakout session.


Topics include:

  • The Good News About Work
  • Sharing Your Faith at Work
  • Engaging Workplace Conflict as a Christian
  • Justice, Beauty, and Healing in the Workplace

Faith at Work Course

The Faith and Work course is a 6-week course that helps churches form their people for mission in the workplace. Each session brings participants through a lively, interactive workshop experience and guides them in connecting course content to their own work context.

Topics include:

  • Discerning your calling
  • Facing difficulty and suffering at work
  • Praying throughout the workday
  • Sharing your faith at work

9 Arts course

Mission Central has partnered with Q Place to bring the 9 Arts course to churches. The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations are simple practices that move Christians into action, helping them to relate with people the way Jesus did. We break them down into groups of three:


Getting Ready:

Noticing, Praying, Listening


Getting Started:

Asking Questions, Loving, Welcoming


Keeping It Going:

Facilitating, Serving Together, Sharing

Bring Mission Central to Your Local Church

Help Your People Bridge the Gap Between Faith and Work

We would love to talk with you about bringing Mission Central’s resources to your local church! Call us at 331-444-3374, or shoot us an email and we’ll talk next steps in helping your people bridge the gap between faith and work.