The Faith at Work Course

Helping Christians Bridge the Gap Between Faith and Work

The Faith at Work Course is an interactive course that equips Jesus followers to live on mission in their workplace.

Integrating Faith with Work is Something All Christians Are Invited to Do

And yet, so many Christians struggle to bridge the gap between Sunday morning service and Monday morning at the office.
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Of Your Time

can be integrated into your apprenticeship to Jesus

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Of Your Waking Hours

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feel a disconnect between faith and work

Bridge the Disconnect with the Faith at Work Course

As an apprentice of Jesus, you are called to integrate your whole life (including your work) into your life with Jesus. The Faith at Work Course helps you do that.

Topics Include:

Discerning Your Calling

Facing difficulty and suffering at work

Praying throughout the workday

Sharing your faith at work

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About Us

Hey there! I’m Chris Easley, Mission Central Founder and Team Leader. 


I know how hard it can be to integrate your faith into your work. The challenge to bridge the gap between Sunday Morning and Monday Morning can be confusing and frustrating.


That’s why I founded Mission Central; to help form Christians for mission in their everyday life. As an author and coach, I get the opportunity to come alongside apprentices of Jesus, and help them develop spiritual practices that will form and equip them to live on mission in their 9-5. 


If you are tired of the disconnect between your faith and the work you do 40+ hours each week, the Faith at Work course is for you. If you have any questions, you can text me directly at 331-444-3374. If you’re ready to jump in, reserve your spot at the free preview session, and I’ll see you there!

What People Are Saying

“You may find that Chris’s story is a mirror that reflects back on your own life, but he gives you the words and tools to consider your experience through a more biblical and theologically-rich lens.”
"Chris's coaching has been a huge asset in my ministry life. Conversations with Chris bring clarity and purpose regarding goals, priorities, and next steps. He has a gift for listening well, naming current realities, and prescribing different pathways for different desired outcomes, as well as refining language and articulation."
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Are you ready to integrate your faith and work?

1. Attend a Course

We host Faith at Work courses throughout the year, available for anyone who wants to integrate their faith and work. We also offer the Faith at Work course for churches to host for their congregations.

2. Learn in our Live Workshop Format

Engage in activities and discussions around spiritual growth and mission in your workplace.

3. Be Formed as you Integrate faith and work

Equipped with spiritual practices and insights, you will be formed by Jesus as you practice living an integrated life with him.

What can I expect at the faith at work course?

Great question! The Faith at Work Course is broken down into seven sessions consisting of interactive activities and discussions in a live workshop format.

  • The Good News About Work
  • Callings and Careers
  • Spiritual Growth at Work
  • The Four Corners of Mission
  • Rest and Work: Sabbath
  • Facing Sin and Corporate Evil
  • Sharing the Good News at Work
  • Faith, Formation, and Mission
  • Mapping Five Christian Callings
  • Discerning a Call to a Life’s Work
  • Spiritual Sandpaper: Praying the Work
  • Justice, Beauty, and Healing: Defining Your Mission
  • Sabbath Strategy
  • Gentle Resistance
  • Five Thresholds of Evangelism

Reserve Your Spot at a Free Preview Session​

Attend the first session of the course for free before committing to the full course!

Upcoming Course Dates

Summer 2023

June 3 - July 8
$ 200
  • Saturdays, 9-11am
  • 31 W Downer Place, Suite 301, Aurora, IL 60505
  • Scholarships available
  • Free Preview Session 05/20

Interested in Joining a Course?

We would love to see you at a Faith at Work course! Complete the form below, and our team will reach out to you with more info.


The Summer 2023 Faith at Work Course will meet on:

  • 06/03/23
  • 06/10/23
  • 06/17/23
  • 06/24/23
  • 07/01/23
  • 07/08/23

Yes! Please do not let cost keep you from coming. Email us at if you are interested in a scholarship.

The next free preview session is on Saturday, May 20, 2023. You can attend the free preview session before committing to the full course!

We would love to talk with you! You can text us at 331-444-3374, or email at