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Growing Into Our Careers

Growth is a tricky concept. At one level, “career growth” can simply be code for “making more money.” But at another level, it strikes at the real stakes we face in our careers.

An entrepreneur is growing when they’re learning how to build something that really works.

A ladder-climber is growing when they’re learning how to lead other people toward a common goal.

A homebody is growing when they’re learning how to integrate their job responsibilities with their love for their family and their community.

None of these growth tracks is mutually exclusive either. Even if we lean more strongly toward one or the other, we probably could all stand to grow in all of these ways as occasion arises.

There’s another kind of growth, too, that happens in a hidden way, underneath or even inside of these other types of growth: The kind of human being we’re growing into over time as we do our work.