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Spring 2021 Cohort Membership

Mission Central Leadership Cohort monthly meetings and materials, January–June 2021

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Cohort Payment

We’re forming leaders for mission from a heart of worship.

Forming Leaders

We’re passionate about developing the next generation of Christian leaders, both in the marketplace and in the church.
Meet our leaders in formation.

For Mission

God is on the move, and we want to participate in what he is doing. We want to direct our attention outward, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in every sector of society. As we do, we practice the gospel work of justice and peace.
Learn more about mission.

From a Heart of Worship

We want our hearts to be set on fire by the person of Jesus Christ. As we orient our entire lives toward him, we find peace and joy in the life he gives to us. That life is the source of our mission.
Learn more about worship.