The Mission Central Podcast

Tune in to hear conversations on spiritual formation, holistic mission, and healthy leadership. In season 1, we talk with Alexia Salvateierra, Bethany Allen, and more.

What is Holistic Mission? Interview with Alexia Salvatierra Mission Central

Pastor. Missionary. Activist. Organizer. Mother. Professor. The Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra has done it all. That’s fitting for someone who’s dedicated her life’s work to misión integral, or holistic mission. She’s passionate about being on mission with Jesus in a way “that doesn't separate the body and soul but loves the whole person in the whole family in the whole community in the whole neighborhood in the whole society.” Dr. Salvatierra teaches aspiring scholars and church leaders about putting holistic mission into practice as a faculty member of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary. Alison Freeman interviews Dr. Salvatierra and finds out how she came to faith after an atheist upbringing, how she sustains her life with God amidst the demands of a busy ministry, and why a dark view of human nature actually helps sustain us in the work of justice.
  1. What is Holistic Mission? Interview with Alexia Salvatierra
  2. What is Christian Social Action? Interview with Ron Potter and Henry Joseph
  3. What Does Healthy Leadership Look Like? Interview with Lance Witt
  4. How Does Spiritual Formation Work? Interview with Bethany Allen
  5. Mission Central: Introduction


EPISODE 1: Bethany Allen


Bethany Allen, Pastor of Spiritual Formation & Leadership Development at Bridgetown Church in Portland


The American Values Atlas, published by the Public Religion Research Institute

Invitation to a Journey, by M. Robert Mullholland, Jr.


Full Interview with Bethany Allen

EPISODE 2: Lance Witt


Lance Witt, Founder of Replenish


Replenish, by Lance Witt

High Impact Teams, by Lance Witt

Your One Life, by Lance Witt

The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren


Full Interview with Lance Witt

Sacred Rhythms, by Ruth Haley Barton

Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, led by Pete and Geri Scazzero

EPISODE 3: Ron C. Potter and Henry Joseph


Ron C. Potter, former resident scholar at the John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation

Henry Joseph, Pastor of Zion Church in Ridgeland, Mississippi


“Racism and World Evangelism,” Tom Skinner’s address at the 1970 Urbana Student Missions Conference of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Head, Heart & Hands, by Dennis P. Hollinger

Let Justice Roll Down, by John M. Perkins

With Justice for All, by John M. Perkins


The John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation

Christian Apologetics in the Postmodern World, edited by Timothy R. Phillips and Dennis L. Okholm (Dr. Potter authored the chapter, “Christian Apologetics in the African-American Grain”)
The Transforming Vision, by Brian J. Walsh and J. Richard Middleton (Dr. Potter’s go-to primer on Christian worldview)

EPISODE 4: Alexia Salvatierra


Alexia Salvatierra, Assistant Professor of Mission and Global Transformation at Fuller Seminary


Faith-Rooted Organizing, by Alexia Salvatierra and Peter Heltzel


Full Interview with Alexia Salvatierra

Evangelical Immigration Table
“Christians & Immigration: Being the Body of Christ,” a seminar led by Rev. Dr. Salvatierra at the 2018 Urbana Student Missions Conference of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship