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For Churches: Helping you serve your people well

If you’re a pastor or church leader, you know what your congregation needs better than anyone. At Mission Central, we want to provide you with resources and partner with you to serve your people well.


Start a Faith-and-Work Ministry. . . Without Starting From Scratch

Your people spend half (or more!) of their waking hours at work. But it can be hard to connect the Sunday experience to the workday. According to Barna Group’s 2018 research report Christians at Work, only 26% of U.S. Christian workers strongly agree with the statement, “I can clearly see how the work that I am doing is serving God or a higher purpose.” For Christians who attend church at least monthly and say their faith is important to them, that stat rises to 40%—but that still means over half of the people in the pews are feeling a disconnect between faith and work.


A faith-and-work ministry is one way to help people connect their faith to their work. But we know how daunting it can be to get one more ministry off the ground! We offer resources that can fit your particular congregation’s season, size, and needs, up to and including facilitating live workshops using our Faith and Work curriculum.


Contact Team Leader Chris Easley to learn more.


Get Feedback on Your Ministry Roadblocks

Pastoral ministry involves a balancing act of personal shepherding and organizational leadership. Systems and structures for ministry can be hard to think through and develop on your own. If you’re looking for an outside voice to help you sort through the organizational roadblocks that affect your day-to-day ministry, we’re here to help. Consider a coaching/consulting session with Team Leader Chris Easley.

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