What is Mission Central?


According to Barna Group’s 2018 research report Christians at Work, only 26% of U.S. Christian workers strongly agree with the statement, “I can clearly see how the work that I am doing is serving God or a higher purpose.”


Young leaders are particularly susceptible to divisions between faith and work. The dozens of public scandals involving Christian leaders show that many models of leadership produce “successful” leaders but leave the heart unformed and spiritually immature.

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Christians who become influential without being formed in Christlike character end up doing more harm than good. This is as true of Christian leaders in the marketplace as those who serve churches and Christian ministries.


Mission Central seeks to counteract this trend.

  • We help Christian workers of all ages find God at work.
  • We help young and emerging Christian leaders be spiritually healthy as they serve.

Our overarching vision of forming Christians for mission in everyday life applies to our work with both groups.

  • Forming: Everyone can be deeply formed in their soul.
  • Christians: That formation comes from an encounter with Christ.
  • For Mission: The natural overflow of formation in Christ is mission to others: the work of justice, healing, beauty, and evangelism.
  • In Everyday Life: That mission is not something that happens “on the side” or only for special Christians. It’s something that can be integrated into your job, family life, and community, right where you are.

Our Core Values

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Effective Leadership

Wherever you have followers, you’re a leader. Your followers in the church or the marketplace need strong, effective leadership to thrive. In leading people well, we serve them well.

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Spiritual Formation

The person we’re becoming in Christ is our greatest gift to those we serve. Our inner life is meant to take shape in a way that looks more and more like Jesus over time. It’s possible to experience real spiritual change as we live life with God.

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Emotional Health

We engage in the process of becoming more like Jesus in our life and our leadership as a whole person. Learning to practice emotional self-awareness and to seek healing where we need it is essential.

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Multi-ethnic Community

 The Jesus movement has been a multi-ethnic movement from the first generation. Being a healthy Christian leader in our generation means learning to connect people and cross racial, social, and cultural barriers like Jesus does.

What we do

Thoughtful words on life, leadership, and spiritual formation for everyone.

A gathering of emerging leaders in the Chicago area to talk, pray, and learn together.

Meet with Chris and gain tools become both effective and spiritually faithful in your work.


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